Monday, April 18, 2016

Lily in Wonderland: Nature's Art Show

Bleeding Hearts, Lily Silver 2006

My photography passion explodes in the spring. Since I'm a nature photographer, I fall in love with springtime every year as the wonder of plants and flowers emerges.  As I live in a cold, northern climate, I must endure the long winters. Typical winter here in Wisconsin lasts from November thru March. We get snow in March, and sometimes even in April here in the north woods.

Crocus, Lily Silver 2005
When the world thaws and the grass is becoming green, I'm once more thrust into a wonderland of art--nature's art. Flowers offer a burst of color, but they also come in such unusual shapes and forms, it's as if Mother Nature took time to individually design intricate sculptures from the most delicate material imaginable. 

Copyright Lily Silver, 2005

So, each spring, I go wandering in my backyard--in other people's back yards, and in parks to capture the lovelies with my camera.  I've found the most amazing flowers, some I can't identify, and others that are really just common everyday flowers we overlook in our busy rush of life. 

Lady's Slipper,  Lily Silver 2007

I also like to keep photos of floral plants for painting, as one of my art hobbies is watercolor painting.  What ever your particular medium in art is, I hope this spring you will feel revived and learn to look at these delicate sculptures produced by Mother Nature for a short time in a different light. The art gallery is open every spring, and guess what, 

      It's FREE Admission:  

Just go to the nearest city park or woodland trail, and you'll find a spectacular art show in full bloom. 

Lupines in a field, Drive by, Lily Silver, 2009

If you are lucky enough to live near a public garden or floral preserve, you'll find plenty of inspiration for art work, or just a feast for the eyes on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  

Purple Fringed Irises, Lily Silver 2009
Close up of Fox Glove, Lily Silver, 2010

And once more, here is a lovely example of Mother Nature's delicate artwork, handpicked and placed in a simple glass of water:   Bleeding Hearts in a Glass. 

Bleeding Hearts in a Glass, Lily Silver 2004

Let's go, let's go find Wonderland!  It's all around us, just waiting to be discovered!   Paint, draw, snap that photo, and find serenity and joy in the reawakening of nature this spring. 

Happy Wanderings,    Lily Silver

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