Monday, May 27, 2013

Raindrops, how inspiring!

Raindrops on garden foliage can give stunning close up shots  Lily Silver 2007

Sometimes we think that a rainy day is a bad day to shoot photographs outdoors. With the proper precautions to protect our equipment, we can take some awesome photos that might otherwise get ignored if we only shoot during sunny skies. 

Geranium leaves in Rain, Lily Silver, 2007

The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination. Flowers take on a new aura with raindrops clinging ot their petals.

Tulip with Raindrops, Lily Silver 2007

Foliage in the rain, Lily Silver 2007

Foliage collects little pools of water that add dimension, reflection, magnification as the dewy leaves serve as receptacles for the fresh spring rain.  That's just with the green leaves. Imagine how lovely a rose could be glistening with raindrops, or a spider's web? 

The next time you wake up to a drab, rainy day, don't let it spoil your photography outing. Just take along some plastic bags, an umbrella, and rain gear, and let your imagine soar as you explore the rainy day world.

Keep clicking that shutter button,

Lily Silver, artist and photographer

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