Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Showers . . . bring May.... yeah, right! Can't we just fast forward into May?

The old adage about April Showers bring May Flowers must have been said by people suffering a little bit of the winter blahs, or spring cold and rain blahs, at any rate.

In Wisconsin today, and in much of the northern states hugging the Canadian boder, it's fracking cold, wet, rainy, and just plain dismal.  The rain is dripping off the roof here. My basement is wet, again. That is an annual occurance as the snow recedes and melts into the lawn. And my flower beds are looking very drab, except for a few little spots here and there that are showing promise.

But, there is hope, gentle reader, just hiding in the flower beds. If you've not peeked outside lately, cuz it's too wet and too cold, let me brighten your day just a little bit with the floral bouquet. 

Crocus by Lily Silver
Yes, there are flowers budding out, peeking out of the cold and snow begging for a little sunshine and warmth.  The purple crocus here is an example.

And since we are just past Easter, I'm sure you've noticed the daffodils and tulips peeping out shy little buds.

They are nature's way of saying, hold on, spring is coming, really it is.

Mother Nature has not forgotten us, folks. She's just taking a little longer to change her cloak this time around.

Happy Spring!

Lily Silver

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