Friday, April 19, 2013

A Sad Week: But Old Glory Still Hangs Proud

This is a sad week.

The news is full of images of the tragedy in Boston during the Boston Marathon.

The bombing has made the nation weep. Our flags are at half mast in the cities.

Still, through it all, we endure. We are proud of our heritage as Americans, a land of freedom and promise.

On that note, I wanted to share a photo that I took inside a Mall. I have always loved the imagery of the flag set against a backdrop of mirrored office building windows.  The geometric patterns and the lovely silver reflection of the mirrors is stuning amid the display of Old Glory in a Minneapolis indoor market.

Without further ado, I post this picture and with it the hope and positive energy of Americans to support those affected by the bombing in Boston this week, and the explosion in Texas.

America, The Beautiful, and the Brave, We Shall Endure! Copyright  Lily Silver, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sorry, everyone, Spring has been Cancelled!

It's April 12th today.

School was cancelled. 

Why, you may ask, would school be cancelled in the middle of April in Wisconsin?

Well, here's the deal:  Snow Storm Walda!

A friend contacted me via email today. She left her her house because the power was out, and went to the internet cafe to work on her writing with her laptop. She was waiting for the power to get back on at her house so she could go home. It was frigid cold out today, on top of the several inches of snow. 

Yes, we had a snowstorm today, in northeastern Wisconsin. All the public schools shut down and on my way to my office, I noted several cars in the ditch along the highway.

So, let's have a short eulogy for Spring, dear readers. Apparently it's been cancelled!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Showers . . . bring May.... yeah, right! Can't we just fast forward into May?

The old adage about April Showers bring May Flowers must have been said by people suffering a little bit of the winter blahs, or spring cold and rain blahs, at any rate.

In Wisconsin today, and in much of the northern states hugging the Canadian boder, it's fracking cold, wet, rainy, and just plain dismal.  The rain is dripping off the roof here. My basement is wet, again. That is an annual occurance as the snow recedes and melts into the lawn. And my flower beds are looking very drab, except for a few little spots here and there that are showing promise.

But, there is hope, gentle reader, just hiding in the flower beds. If you've not peeked outside lately, cuz it's too wet and too cold, let me brighten your day just a little bit with the floral bouquet. 

Crocus by Lily Silver
Yes, there are flowers budding out, peeking out of the cold and snow begging for a little sunshine and warmth.  The purple crocus here is an example.

And since we are just past Easter, I'm sure you've noticed the daffodils and tulips peeping out shy little buds.

They are nature's way of saying, hold on, spring is coming, really it is.

Mother Nature has not forgotten us, folks. She's just taking a little longer to change her cloak this time around.

Happy Spring!

Lily Silver

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Pink Time of Year

Springtime is a lovely time of year. 
Unfortunately, its not here yet in Wisconsin. As I sit here in my office gazing out the window, it's a grey, cold gloomy Saturday afternoon.  I am contemplating making chili for dinner, as it's so cold out, and in the house, too. 

So, here is a little burst of springtime I saved from a past spring that was more welcoming then this one has been. It's my flowering crab tree in my back yard, in full bloom:  

I like to call this photograph "The Pink Time of Year"  

And here is the same photograph, with a little photoshop magic to make it softer and more ethereal: 

I don't know why, but I find this one more appealing. It looks like something from an old vintage postcard, or a soft light photo or infared photo.  

I like to experiment with my photos and find out what changes can be made to make them unique and classic quality.  I do hope mother nature isn't 'experimenting' with her timetable for weather and warm springtime blooms!   Here's hoping the warm weather and the Pink Time of Year is just around the corner!  

Happy Springtime everyone. 

Lily Silver