Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter, Ostara or just plain Spring, It's still lovely!

Daffodils, with a little artistic magic in Adobe Photoshop!

 HAPPY SPRING......Happy Easter.......Happy Ostara......

Spring is a time of renewal. A time a fresh starts, new life, cuddly animal babies and new flowers budding. But some years, like this one for example (Spring 2013 if you are reading this post later), Spring seems to be elusive in the midwestern United States. It's been a battle, as temperatures have lingered in the lower digits, even in March, and we still have several inches of snow in Northern Wisconsin, even on March 30th.

Spring is coming. It will come. We aren't trapped in a nuclear winter, although it may seem like it. The snow is receding, and my heart is lifting a little as I anticipate the coming of true spring, not just the calender date telling me it's spring as I shiver under a blanket. I'm talking about the actual warm weather and being able to go outside with my camera to take pictures such as the one below, and then do a little artsy magic on them in photoshop to make them shine as my own creation.

Original Photograph  

Lily Silver's New Photograph of Daffodils 

Happy Spring, Everyone.

May all your Art Adventures be Happy Ones.

Lily Silver, Artist, Author, and Free  Spirit